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Personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions are possible. But asking for them through financial entities is not. You already know that traditional banks close the door to the possibility of granting financing to anyone in a delinquency file. However, as we always mention in our entries, there are entities that do have the freedom to act, granting capital to people who appear in any list and always respecting the Law.

Thus, there are companies of a financial nature in Spain that admit the granting of quick loans, but what are the requirements of this personal loan with Financial Credit Institutions? With what conditions? Next, we detail this information.

Personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions: what are your requirements?

Personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions: what are your requirements?

Being inside Financial Credit Institutions is something that works against you in any entity. Therefore, there are companies that admit the granting of credits to help people who need amounts of a not very high amount. However, all requests are accepted if there is any type of money back guarantee.

You must remember that, for the amounts loaned, this financing can be returned even in a single installment. If the amounts are high, as in the rest of products, the terms are extended, although without extending too much in time.

Regarding the conditions of the loan, no excessive expenses or interests are imposed, contrary to the popular belief that, in these situations, there is a greater risk and, with it, a greater interest.

Conditions that the applicant must meet

The companies that provide financing, even if they are in files of defaulters, must have the accreditation (identification) of the applicant, in addition to verifying that their residence in Spain is legal. Some entities may request that the subject provide guarantees of having regular income or solvency tests. Another requirement is that the applicant is over 18 years old.

The documentation that will be required for the granting of the loan

In many cases and with the demands that have been described, most of the companies that admit to contributing capital to people that appear in Financial Credit Institutions, allow to have enabled online methods of requesting credits, so this process is usually facilitated.

In addition to the aforementioned, you will be required contact means (such as mobile phone, for communications) and bank account (so that the full capital arrives).

What it means for financial institutions and debtors to be at Financial Credit Institutions

When a company that is associated with this file includes different data of a person for having a default, regardless of the amount, the banks close the possibility of granting financing.

This strategy aims to minimize the risk of defaulting on entities, but over time it has been ineffective, since companies that grant personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions have not increased their delinquency.

At the other extreme is the person who, from the moment he is included in the file, must be aware that it will be practically impossible to ask for funding through his traditional entity. Thus, the debtor must be notified that it is in this file. Once your name appears in the file, the debtor has the possibility to pay what is owed and leave the file, or oppose the publication, claiming different reasons and relying on documents that certify that you should not be in Financial Credit Institutions. After a study of the documentation provided, the file will be transferred to the entity to provide the data of the claim.

Personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions are possible, although you must meet certain conditions and requirements that we tell you on this page to accept the financing we want.